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Even though Russian is considered a difficult language to learn for an English speaker and takes a considerable amount of time to begin communicating effectively there are ways to make the learning process fun and easy. Nowadays you can start online for virtually no cost. So here are some tips for getting a quick start at learning Russian fast and easy: russian grocery store

Set your goals right

First of all, discover why you want to learn Russian. Maybe it is your career, business, relationship or something else. This is something that is going to keep you motivated and not let you give up too soon. Second of all, being able to understand and speak Russian helps you discover a new world that otherwise would have remained closed for you.

Subscribe to Russian lessons on YouTube

Start off by subscribing to Russian lessons on YouTube. There are countless video lessons available. Depending on your command of Russian choose the appropriate difficulty. Try to grasp the basics from the very start. It is important to learn the alphabet really well first so you can begin to read simple words and texts as soon as possible.

Choose Russian Language websites to follow

Bookmark a few Russian language websites that offer beginner programs with free downloadable mp3 lessons for listening and reading practice. If you drive I cannot imagine a better way for you to spend time while you are in the car than listening to Russian lessons and practicing pronunciation. There are tons of audio programs available today in MP3 format.

Make use of visual and auditory of memory

If you have a smartphone try searching for apps for beginner Russian lessons and grammar. Focus on your phonetics and accent every time you repeat after the speaker. This will greatly improve your communication skills. You can type different forms of the most common words in Russian and then print out the list and stick it where you will see it most often like on your refrigerator or even your bathroom. When you are a beginner repetitive practice is key to success although it might be really boring at first. Remember you’re laying the foundation that will bear fruit later.

Socialize online

Most websites have a local community of Russian learners and those willing to help them. So do not hesitate to join them. Join a social network in Russia like ‘vkontakte’. It is a good idea to find a pen pal or better yet a Skype partner with whom you can chat and talk. That is great practice. It is much fun and better yet it is free. There’s really no replacement for conversations with native speakers. Russians are quick to add English-speaking friends, and can help you with conversational practice. You’ll learn a lot of slang and modern language from interactions with friends online.

Make friends with a Russian speaking person in your community

Search on social networks, ask your friends for native speakers of Russian. You can find college students who will be more than happy to help you with Russian in exchange for some English practice. Make friends and start hanging out together.

‘Russianize’ your lifestyle

Start watching Russian movies with subtitles. Even if Russian audio track sounds like gibberish to you at first it will become more and more distinct as you go forward. If you like certain types of music try to find Russian bands that play similar music. Familiarise yourself with Russian cuisine and cook a couple new foods each week. There are plenty of recipes online. Switch your smartphone and PC interface to Russian.


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