Embroidery Head and Digitizing Machine Embroidery Services


A specific part of an embroidering machine that performs a function of embroidering different designs and patterns on varying products is commonly known as embroidering head. It is basically a set of needles, bobbins, threads and many other related parts that bring a number of different digitized designs created by a particular Embroiderydesigncompany to its practical form on varying commercial as well as industrial products.

Difference in computer designing machines

However, there is a difference between the commercial and industrial embroidering machines where a commercial machine is consists of up to 18 heads, whereas, the industrial one is consists of nearly 12 to 56 heads in its exclusive manufacturing.

Usage of different fiber types

Different types of fibers like polyester, silk, cotton, rayon and metallic are commonly used in the embroidering of different digitized designs. However, out of all these types, rayon is known to be the most popular form of existing fibers that are usually used in the embroidering process now a day.

The specialty of Rayon in computer designing process

This is specifically a sheen thread and is a basic alternative of silk in a highly affordable costing. At the same time, the quality of Rayon is highly up to the mark and there are very fewer chances of thread break while its utilization in the embroidering process.

Significance of polyester in embroidering process

In the exciting and worthwhile process of machinery embroidery, polyester is considered as the second highest preferred fiber that produces beautiful designs and patterns. Its specialty includes its unbeatable strength and it neither fades nor shrinks.

The automatic role of embroidery-designing machines

As a matter of fact, the existing embroidering machines are digitally controlled in the present time period, where the responsibility of a particular machine is simply to hold the fabric with the help of specific needles and rest of the chore is performed by the automatic system of that particular machine. In this way, a pre-digitized pattern is finely embroidered on the selected products without any wastage of excessive efforts, energies and costing of the associated personnel altogether.

The number of needles in industrial embroidering machines

It is also very significant aspect to mention here that a number of different industrial embroidering machines also possess multiple needles that are pre-set with different types of threads into the machines before performing the designing functions.

The basic idea of computerized designing

In the global trade of embroidering services, a digitized file is first prepared in the digitizing software program from a simple graphical image provided by the associated vendor. After this process, the digitized file is loaded into the embroidering machines. Afterward, the selected products are stabilized into the embroidering machines in order to prevent wrinkles.

The significant function of embroidering machine

After being entirely fixed, theembroideringmachine performs a function of embroidering beautiful patterns on bulks of different products in a limited period of time, sometimes even ranging from minutes to hours depending upon the size, stitch count or designing details of a particular pattern.

The threading of embroidering head

In this regard, the embroidering head is usually threaded depending upon the particulars of a design to be acquired. In that way, the thread to be used in embroidering head is usually heavy.

Common thread weight in computerized designing

As a common estimate, the thread used in this unique process is 40wt in its size. At the same time, the thread used in bobbin is nearly 60 to 90wt as this thread is known to be used on the underside of the design.  So, the quality of thread also owns significant value in this special designing system.

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